Day 1: A singer without an audience

Having spent the last five years changing careers and training as a classical singer, I find myself, along with a great many other musicians, with a string of what should have been opportunities to further my career cancelled and postponed. What ya gonna do? Prompted by my good friend Kate at Wit & Wisdom, who claims to be vaguely interested in my life as a singer, I’m blogging and vlogging about the work I do to prepare for performances in the hope that I’ll be ready when the offers flood in on the other side of the coronavirus! One can only hope.

Today, I’ve concentrated on getting the ball rolling by scrawling a highly scientific spidergram illustrating the numerous hats I wear as a singer. I once read that you have to have about eight different professional qualities – I can’t remember exactly which were cited but I know that as well as a vocal technician and actor, I have to be a linguist, historian, marketeer, PR, athlete, businesswoman, teacher and coach to myself.

So, I can’t promise that my content will be ground-breaking, scientifically based or indeed very interesting (clearly, I need to work on the marketeer in me) but I am amusing, motivating and focussing myself by inviting you into my WFH environment.

Lots of love x


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