Day 4: How are Ü?

Happy Monday and what a beautiful day! With the sun streaming through the window, I decided to kick back on the couch and learn some languages. I’m topping up on German today and it prompted me to share a trick singers use to form the vowel ‘ü’.

Firstly, you have to assume the correct mouth position for the German vowel ‘u’. Start with a pout, making sure your lips are forward, and then form a small circle between your lips. Make the sound of an owl hooting – a clear “ooh”. You can play around with speaking pitches to make sure you don’t modify the mouth position or sound when speaking in a particularly low or high voice. When you’re confident you’ve mastered it, you’re ready for the trick…

Now say “ee” but only inside your mouth. Keep your mouth in the “ooh” position but say “ee”. You’ll be modifying a classic ‘u’ to make the correct sound for ‘ü’.

It’s critical that we make this distinction in classical singing so that our audiences aren’t left confused.

That’s today’s tip so, stay cheered and healthy – or should I say “bleib fröhlich und gesund”!

Lots of love xx

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