Feeling thoughtful

Today’s the second Friday since starting the #sfh blog. Last week I wrapped up with a Facebook live so wanted to do the same but was really struggling to think of a topic. Every other day, a subject has come naturally but today it felt forced and manufactured.

When I was studying at the Associated Studios, my acting coach was Orlando Seale. He taught me the importance of checking in with yourself. Being honest about how you’re feeling. Not to dwell on it, analyse or indulge in it, but just to recognise how you are right now in this moment. Today, I’m feeling thoughtful. Nothing active or physical is coming to mind so I’m just sharing my thoughts on the last week.

The lockdown, aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19, presents an unusual opportunity. Ironically, being confined physically is making me feel more liberated artistically. It feels like suddenly, the constraints of the industry, the expectations of my peers and the norms within genres have been removed. The restrictions around what’s acceptable for me to sing and how to sing it within the operatic arena have lifted. I have time to explore my own capacity to entertain and my own unique brand. I’m exploring my ability to perform via social media and I’m learning more about digital platforms and technology as I go. There’s a truly blank canvas on which to create. The new, global pace of life means that I can prepare for my future as the singer that I want to be, more organically and in comfort. I hope that I and many others will emerge from this with greater self-awareness, courage, confidence, curiosity, compassion, tolerance and joy.

Communications with friends and family are also invested with greater weight, gratitude  and delight. It’s been wonderful to get feedback on the blog from close friends and to hear from people that I haven’t spoken to in a long while. Lots of you are saying that you’re “no singer” but that you’re enjoying the vlogs. I’m thrilled to hear you’ve spent some time, which is so precious, to join me and I do believe everyone can sing – you won’t convince me otherwise. I mean, quite literally, you can! It’s just about identifying the genre, environment and level that’s right for you.

Finally, thank you. Thank you for giving me a sense of purpose. I’m enjoying the blog so much that I’m struggling to find enough hours in the day!

Enjoy the weekend – I’m planning a whole glass of G&T with Nobby (Mr Lovelass) tonight since it’s Friday. Stay cheered, stay healthy and lots of love xx

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