Day 10: From the heart

It’s been a tricky day in Lovelassland and it doesn’t feel right to bleat on at length about the whys and wherefores of opera today. But it is an opportunity to think about what’s important.

Just over two weeks ago, we started this journey together and we’ve taken a bitesize look at various aspects of singing – from breathing and posture to dynamics and pronunciation. Of course, we’re always aiming to improve and quite rightly so, but when it comes down to it, the only thing that really matters is singing from the heart.

For our art to stir the soul, our audiences need to hear something that touches them – captures a feeling or a memory – and to convey that emotion in the voice, sometimes it just has to be raw.

When I think of the moments in music that choke me or give me goosebumps, it’s because there’s an unbridled intensity. In many cases, it’s not the most refined sound.

I’m planning to sing in this Friday’s Facebook live and I can guarantee you it won’t be a perfect performance. I have yet to, and doubt I ever shall achieve that. But what I can commit to, is to giving my heart and my greatest hope is that you’ll open yours to accept it.

For now, with all my love and hopes that you stay cheered and healthy xx

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