Day 13: Back in the game

I’m back out on the road and inspired by daily exercise – today, a bike ride. Reaching forward onto the handlebars opens up the back and makes me very aware of the additional expansion that we can access if we exercise these muscles.

Some singers use the terminology “breathe into the back” and it’s often-forgotten space since we focus so much on the front of the body – around the ribs and the tummy.

To gain a sense of how much space is available to you in the back of the body, lean forward, arms outstretched and pushing your hands against a piano or a wall at home. Keep a nice, flat back and push your bottom out. Legs straight. Then sing as you continue to push into the piano or wall.

I often try this if I have a long phrase to sing and I’m struggling to reach the end. Suddenly, it feels like I have more breath to play with.

In fact, in the recent recording I made of Delilah’s famous aria, Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix, there are a few long phrases so I shall go back to the wall myself this afternoon and see if it helps!

Stay cheered, stay healthy and get your back into it. Lots of love xx

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