Day 19: Spinning lines

It’s the start of a new week in Lovelassland and I’m trying out a slight tweak to the ‘singing from home’ format, especially now I’m learning more about video editing. I hope you can forgive me for what might be tasteless experiments with filters and sound effects!

So, on day 19, Pete (the bike) and I are hooked up to the turbo in the garage with an 80-minute cycle ahead of us. I enjoy long training sessions – goodness knows I have to since I pick distance events – but I do like to have an arsenal of distractions. One of them is learning lines.

It’s particularly effective when I have a full operatic role to sink my teeth into. Once I theoretically know the lines in order, I can play through the script or score while running or cycling, tightening up on any sketchy areas.

Michael Caine’s autobiography is littered with the simple words of advice: “learn your lines”! He would go over his at any opportunity and said that it made him a really reliable actor. While other colleagues were spending time between takes socialising, he’d be in his trailer going over his lines. He says that, if the words can become second nature – engrained in your muscle memory, you are able to focus all of your energy on acting the part. Of course, he’s experienced and wise. It’s very sage advice.

I’d add to that the benefits of learning lines during monotonous, physical activity. The rhythmic repetition aids the memory and critically, the physicality forces the words to become part of the movement, in turn part of your body and ultimately, part of you. Since you’re multi-tasking, it’s also a great way to learn to deal with distractions ahead of performance.

I have to be honest though, as you’ll see in the vlog, and admit to not being wholly disciplined 100% of the time. Sometimes, with a long ride in the offing, I hook up my phone to Pete’s handlebars and settle in for a few episodes of Real Housewives. In fact, I started a new series of Beverly Hills today and it was an equally rewarding way to help the miles whizz by!

Stay cheered, stay healthy and, in the words of Michael Caine, no – I’m not a nosy neighbour… learn your lines! Lots of love xx

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