Day 26: Grace News

Mein Auto ist kaputt.

I started the day with the best intentions. I was up early, practised yoga, did some work and got ready to venture out for the food shop only to find my car wouldn’t start. The pouring rain made everything seem even more futile so I resorted to just being a bit moany.

Recently, Mammaji dug out one of my school news journals from circa 1989. There’s an entry for Monday 30 April so I thought I’d revisit myself, aged six, and see what I found to ‘blog’ about at this time of year.

“Monday 30th April – I went on a picnic down in the field near the spinney and we had vegetables dipped in sauce and hooler (sic) hoops and cheesy biscuits and pepsi and troop fruit and last of all sandwiches.”

Not much has changed.

On the back of yesterday’s blog about our natural desire for acclaim, I received a lovely email from my dear friend, Shirley, just letting me know that she does catch up with the vlog when she’s able and saying that she enjoys it. How incredibly thoughtful. She also asked for “more singing please”. So, although you haven’t got any useful tips from me today I’ll be putting a new recording on my YouTube channel shortly.

A short one for now but I think we can all agree that the sage words of my six-year-old self more than make up for it!

Stay cheered – never lose the child in you. Stay healthy and lots of love xx

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