Day 29: Happy baby

Oh what a beautiful morning!

Dorset basked in glorious sunshine today so I started it with a steady flow on the lawn. As you know, I’ve been suffering from a bit of tummy trouble so I’ve eased up on tri training this week – my Ironman has been cancelled anyway and entry deferred to next year. I thought yoga might help to ease the niggling pain and my mind. As Mammaji likes to say of nearby Swanage, it never fails to deliver.

So today’s vlog, after a lot of faff, comes to you direct from my yoga mat.

It seems like there might be a light at the end of this lockdown tunnel and I’m starting to reflect on the things I most want to share with you before I close the door on my life as a singer. I’m also making a lot of plans and spidergrams for post-lockdown life.

I’ve got a few personal challenges running though so I need to get a wriggle on with those. Included in those were three goals in three weeks – the brainchild of my greatest friend, Charlotte. By the end of this week, I’d hoped to learn the dance to Thriller, learn the rap to Eminem’s Without me, and achieve lolasana in yoga. The latter still evades me but Charlotte dropped a video today of her nailing it! Still a few days to go…

For now though, I’m content rolling around on the grass in ‘happy baby’ and picking daisies with my toes.

Stay cheered, stay healthy and watch out for my feet! Lots of love xx

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