Day 31: Supergoals

Since lockdown restrictions have been ever so slightly relaxed, we’re being treated to some glorious weather and people are trying to get back to work, it feels like time to wind down the vlog.

So, this will be the last week of my ‘singing from home’ lockdown diary before I leap into a plan for the next six months.

When I first decided that I was going to throw caution to the wind, turn Nobby’s life upside down and embark on a career as an opera singer, I started being strict with myself about goal-setting and evaluation. That was just over five years ago and since then, I have gone through copious amounts of notebooks, listing long, mid and short-term goals. Critically though, I’ve crossed off a hell of a lot of things, most of which I could only have dreamt of achieving at the inception of this journey.

My goal-setting notebook represents a quarter of the contents of my ‘magic folder’. The latter also contains practice logs – a kind of progress chart which I designed to ensure that I spend a core amount of time on key elements of each new piece; a character notebook – for jotting down personal thoughts and ideas on developing roles; and my precious LPB – filled with quotes and lessons I’ve learnt from auditions, performances and practice sessions over the years.

So you see, with OCD-levels of organisation like that, there’s not much time left for the vlog and today I started a new chapter, working towards singing professionally again as soon as possible.

Stay cheered, stay healthy and wishing you every success with your own goals. Lots of love xx


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