Day 22: We’ll eat again

Today had the potential to go either way. I woke up with hayfever, feeling like I could sleep for a thousand years. I didn’t, but made it to a pretty strong 9.45am before dragging myself out of bed to find an antihistamine.

Thankfully, I perked up after that and got on board with Nobby’s 90-day Joe Wicks Body Coach plan. Obviously, it’s designed for him and I have my own schedule for triathlon and ultimately, Ironman (have I said I’m doing an Ironman? Maybe one for another day, or another blog). I dip in and out of his routine when it complements my own.

So, today we did a HIIT in the lounge and drank some sort of green goo. Then I got on with an actual task! It had instructions and a deadline and everything!

IRL, in between opera roles and other productions, I tour the country singing in dementia and residential homes for Lost Chord. It’s incredibly rewarding to bring joy and music to people who are suffering with dementia. I also meet hundreds of brilliant people and it’s simply a lot of fun. I was due to head to Sheffield on a tour before coronavirus hit and forced us into lockdown. It’s one of the saddest things about this situation – knowing that people with dementia and other, similar care needs are missing out on vital social interaction and music therapy.

Thank heavens for the lovely lot at Lost Chord who are working to put together a recording of all the touring artists singing “We’ll meet again”. Today, I recorded my contribution and sent it off before getting back to my practice schedule. I’m working now to tidy up the Lady Macbeth aria I mentioned yesterday and to revisit some of the tricky rhythms and coloratura in “Where shall I fly?” from Handel’s Hercules, as well as ploughing through a piano waltz in an attempt to improve my playing.

Satisfied with a productive turnaround on today, I treated myself to afternoon tea with a homemade mini donut delivered with love from my mum (Mammaji).

Stay cheered, stay healthy – although make sure you too reward yourself with edible treats for all your greatest achievements! Lots of love xx

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