Day 23: Restraint & readiness

Ugh. Some days are just a bit naff, aren’t they? Having slept fitfully, run slowly and breakfasted unsatisfactorily – mainly because I’m missing the copious amounts of sugar that I normally load into my body throughout the day – I was feeling frustrated by lockdown and emotional about all the performances I would have been giving over the next few months.

But, as Shakira says: “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and back in the saddle”. So, I whacked on a full face of makeup and decided to vlog for kicks. It worked. As a great friend of mine pointed out, it’s like a performance.

Speaking of friends, my loveliest friend Lara-Kate at LKPilates recommended the super soft, yoga-inspired clothing at Om & Ah in a recent Instagram post. Since I love nothing more than a soft slouchy sweater, I got one as an Easter treat and it’s my absolute favourite thing to wear at the moment.

So, in honour of Lara-Kate and all her bendy brilliance, today’s operacise is a ‘Ready, steady, ragdoll’. It’s a pretty standard warm-up for yoga and pilates, and I make sure I do at least one before every singing practice, rehearsal or performance. It focuses the breath, steadies your stance and opens up the back.

In fact, it was the best thing I could have done today to lift me out of my funk. If you’re down in the dumps, try it.

Stay healthy, stay cheered and if you’re not, try a ragdoll – it worked for me! Lots of love xx

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