Day 24: Stranger things

It’s been a bit of a spooky day in Lovelassland. As we say here in Dorset: “There be strange comings and goings…”

As I was getting ready this morning, I heard an odd noise. I tiptoed around the house to investigate and found a bird trapped in the bedroom between the window and the blinds. Goodness knows how he got in there! The window was slightly ajar but seemingly not wide enough for a bird to fit through. Maybe he does yoga.

Anyway, I opened the window wider and sang to calm him. It seemed to work, although he then spent a good 10 minutes eyeing me up and down before eventually fluttering towards the open window and, ultimately, freedom.

When I told Mammaji my exciting tale, she could only contribute a horrifying superstition that a bird in the house spells death! A quick Google search subsequently set my mind at ease until…

In the wake of having watched the first episode of the ITV remake of Van Der Valk last evening, I was rooting around in the piano stool for some music when I found the score to the theme from the 1970s original.

I quickly curtailed today’s practise of an aria from Verdi’s Macbeth in an attempt to prevent any further coincidences or strange occurrences.

It nevertheless gave me inspiration for today’s vlog in which I explain the origins of “toi, toi, toi” – opera’s alternative to ‘break a leg’. As in theatre, it’s considered bad luck to wish someone good luck before a performance. There are a few explanations for this operatic tradition but my favourite is that it’s a variation on the custom in some cultures of spitting to ward off evil spirits.

So, I think I’d better stay out of trouble and occupy myself with something innocuous until this eerie April day is through.

Stay cheered, stay healthy and, just for good measure, toi, toi, toi! Lots of love xx


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